Note Taking & Writing App for iPhone.

The Ultimate Writing App

nvNotes is the quick, easy way to create and organise notes; It takes just one tap to get a new, blank draft — ready for your text. Whether you write personal notes, blog posts, todo lists or even your novel — It's no surprise that nvNotes is the first choice for writers of all kinds.

At home, at the coffee shop, or while waiting for the train: nvNotes provides a distraction free, focused writing experience. Once you start using nvNotes you'll wonder how you ever managed without it.

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Over 100 reviews, average. Users love nvNotes.

What are people saying?

The spirit of NV and beyond  

by galtenberg

At one point I wanted a complement for the excellent Notational Velocity. With nvNotes I now have much, much more than that.

A beautiful environment, perfect simple .zip export, gorgeous markdown toolbar, all at a great price.

And a really helpful, active developer, with beta testing and small iterations. These are the dream iOS projects.

Great App  

by DarkRadon

This is an awesome app. This app allows you to create a new note or search for a note quicker than all others out there. This is my primary note taking and viewing app.

Also, the developer is active, constantly making the app better, and is one that definitely loves using his own app.

A Homepage Must-Have  

by wtyerogers

I've been using nvAlt for several years, and nvNotes has been my loyal & speedy point of access for those notes on iPhone.

Also, the app has a beautiful icon befitting the home screen!